Our Staff

  • Executive Director-April Kalyniuk- ECE
  • Assistant Director- Lanny Lie- ECE


  • Anne Allan- CCA-Kitchen and Floor staff
  • Huong Le- ECE-Dragonflies
  • Margaret Robertson- CCA-Inclusion Staff and Dragonflies
  • Mary Swain- ECE-Scooby Doos
  • Sybile Kinley- ECE-Supervisor –Bumble Bees
  • Mayling Morgan-ECE-Lady Bugs
  • Rosette Hakim- ECE- Supervisor-Bumble Bees
  • Renee Chiwaula- ECE- Rainbow Room
  • Denise Thomas- CCA-Inclusion Staff and Scooby Doos
  • Natalia Drozdov-ECE-Butterflies
  • Ashley Dorge-CCA- Inclusion Staff and Butterflies
  • Cassie Hart-CCA- Inclusion Staff and Bumble Bees
  • Natasha Moran- CCA-Scooby Doos
  • Diane Swain- CCA-Lady Bugs
  • Brittany Davis- CCA-Rainbow Room
  • April Hepworth- CCA-Inclusion Support


  • Ilena Zaramba-CCA-Inclusion Support
  • Andrea Knoespel-CCA
  • Shawna Smith-ECE
  • Charlene Myran- CCA-Inclusion Support and Floor Staff
  • Sherry Martens- CCA- Supervisor
  • Colleen MacLellan- ECE
  • Daclan Say-CCA-Inclusion Support and Floor Staff


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Posted on June 21, 2018Summer Closures

Dates we are closed over the summer- please mark your calendars! July 2nd,2018-Canada Day...Read More